Wasp nest database

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Do wasps build nests inside houses?

The quick answer to this question is yes. Wasps can and do build their nests inside houses, sheds, garages and just about anywhere that is dry, warm and where they have constant access to.

Wasp nest removal?

In general it is better not to remove wasp nests after they have been treated. Once the wasps have been destroyed, the nest is nothing more than a piece of chewed wood and is harmless. If the nest is left in its location, the treatment will remain in and over the nest and kill any other foraging wasps that may enter the nest.

Do wasps nest underground?

Yes! It is quite common for wasps to use old vole, mouse or rabbit burrows to build their nests in. Wasps also use other underground caverns and crevices, a favourite is under patios.

Why do wasps nest in lofts?

Wasps nest in lofts for several reasons, the first is because in general, lofts are quiet places that are undisturbed most of the time. Secondly, a loft space in summer is usually very warm, this is ideal for wasps to nest in as the added heat helps keep the young wasp larvae warm.

Can I destroy a wasp nest myself?

You can buy various wasp nest destroyers from retailers, but most of them require that you get close to the nest to apply the treatment. When applied to the nest they agitate the wasps immensely, this can be dangerous and is when wasps are most likely to attack. It should be pointed out that some wasps attack without provocation (even before the nest has been treated)

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We charge a flat fee of £40.00 to treat a Wasp or Hornet nest regardless of its location.
We have no hidden extra charges such as VAT or for unnecessary surveys.
Any secondary nests found on your property we charge an additional £10.00 per nest if treated on the day of the original call out.
All work is guaranteed.
Payment required on completion of work.
We work WEEKENDS too! So if you have found a nest whilst out in your garden and it is a Saturday or Sunday, don't worry, just give us a call and we will come straight out.

Please be sure you have identified the species before calling us. If you are unsure, please text us a clear photo and we will be happy to help identify. Or call us and we will talk it over with you.

Please do not call us out for bees, we do NOT treat any bee species.

Please be aware, if we are called out for bees there will be a call out fee.