Covid 19

Safety is our primary concern, both yours, ours and our families.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year, we will be altering our approach to the way we conduct business.

There are some minor changes that we need to make, which will enable us to continue to serve you safely.

90% of wasp nest treatments are normally applied from outside. This year we will only treat nests from outside.

We will have no physical contact with our customers in the usual manner but can communicate over the phone when we arrive to treat the nest.
To help us help you in these difficult times, we ask that you leave any gates open and ensure that people and pets are inside while we attend.

We can take payments via a variety of methods, including online and can arrange this with you over the phone.

North Hampshire/Surrey

Paul Sweet
Tel: 01264 720 408
Mob: 07810 688 620
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South East Hampshire

Phil Lloyd
Tel: 02392 469 077
Mob: 07971 875 193
Email Phil Lloyd Contact Phil Lloyd

South West Hampshire

Philip Tarrant
Tel: 01590 626 311
Mob: 07702 085 605
Email Phill Tarrant Contact Phill Tarrant

Surrey/West Sussex

Martin Bergin
Tel: 01932 702 780
Mob: 07989 105 361
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Hampshire Wasp Control - Wasp Nest Removal Specialists

Have you got Wasps? Why not give us a buzz and get rid of your problem today!
We can eradicate your wasp or hornet nest fast!

Hi there, many thanks for visiting our web site.
During the summer months, one of the most commonly encountered nuisance pests that householders find themselves having to face is Wasps and Hornets. Despite being surprisingly useful insects, the sheer numbers in a nest, coupled with the fact that they sting (which can be life-threatening), puts the Wasp at the top of the list for eradication.

If you suspect that you have a wasp or hornets' nest, then you have come to the right place.
We are confident that we can solve your wasp problem fast so please take a moment to read through the pages on our site, it will only take a few minutes and will help you describe your wasp problem to us. Then give us a call and get rid of your wasps today!

Wasp control in Andover Hampshire, get rid of your wasp nest today

If you have a swarm of honey bees or a honey bee colony, take a look at our information page on honey bee swarm collection

Please check our Hampshire Wasp Control area map to see who to call, or use our postcode search facility for a more accurate result.

It doesn't matter where your wasp or hornet nest is, if it's a small nest in your garden or a large hornet nest in your loft, we can get the job done promptly and safely. No nest it too big or small.

We have never failed to treat a wasp or hornet nest!

Hampshire Wasp Control aims to treat your nest the same day as you call us or the next day at the latest.

Wasp control and wasp nest removal in Basingstoke

Before calling, please take a quick look at the following video clips, they will help you identify your problem.
The first video is predominantly wasps, showing different nesting scenarios. Please watch and compare your problem to the ones in the clips.

The second video shows a selection of clips including honey bees and bumble bees.

Please watch and compare your wasp problem to the clips showing bees. Pay attention to the insect's action and behaviour for comparison. We ask you to do this because, we do not treat any bees!

We charge a set fee of £45.00 to treat a Wasp or Hornet nest regardless of its location.
There are no hidden extras for call outs, climbing ladders, working in lofts or unnecessary treatments.
We can treat any additional nests that you have found on your property if you want us too while we are there. For this, we charge another £10.00 per nest (obviously if treated on the day of the original call out).

As certificated and fully insured operatives, all our work is guaranteed.

Payment is required on completion of work.

Note: We do not accept bank transfers.

We are not registered for Value Added Tax.

Make sure you have identified the species of flying insect before calling us. If you are unsure, please text us a clear photo and we will be happy to help determine your problem or call us and we will talk it over with you and advise.

While it is understandable that you may wish to have a go and treat the nest yourself, using proprietary products which you might have purchased, we strongly advise against doing this!
We mention this because in our experience, for every success story this action can often end in a complete disaster.
However, if you do wish to embark upon this often hazardous endeavour, do not call us to sort out the frequently dangerous aftermath.

Please do not call us out for bees. We do NOT treat any bee species.

Note: if you book our services you will be given an approximate time slot of morning or afternoon.
We will do our utmost to be there as promised. Please make sure you are at home when we arrive.

For your safety: we advise for several hours after treatment, keep children and pets indoors and windows/doors closed.

If you have found a nest while out in your garden and it is a Saturday or Sunday, don't worry, give us a call and we will try to come out as soon as possible.

Honey Bee Swarms North Hampshire

If you live in North Hampshire and have a swarm of honey bees (check our page on wasp nest identification to establish exactly what you have)
The Andover Beekeepers Association provide a free honey bee swarm collection service. Contact details and further information is available on the site.

For other areas, simply search for your local beekeeping association.

Use our sitemap to navigate to any of our pages.

If you live in a different part of the UK, Please visit our sister site Wasp Nest Removal services UK

Wasp control treatments in Winchester Hampshire

Key areas we service

The key areas where we control wasps in North Hampshire are:

Bagshot Camberley Camberley-GU16 Camberley-GU17 Farnham Farnham-GU10 Lightwater Sandhurst Salisbury Salisbury-SP2 Salisbury-SP4 Salisbury-SP5 Tidworth Aldershot Aldershot-GU12 Fleet-GU13 Alton Bordon Farnborough Fleet Fleet-GU52 Yateley Basingstoke Basingstoke-RG22 Basingstoke-RG23 Basingstoke-RG24 Basingstoke-RG25 Hook-RG27 Tadley Whitchurch Odiham Alresford Eastleigh Romsey Romsey-SO52 Eastleigh-SO53 Stockbridge Winchester Winchester-SO22 Winchester-SO23 Andover Andover-SP11 Highclere

The key areas where we control wasps in South East Hampshire are:

Liss-GU33 Petersfield Petersfield-GU32 Emsworth Fareham-PO15 Fareham-PO16 Fareham-PO17 Havant Hayling-Island Portsmouth Portsmouth-PO2 Portsmouth-PO3 Portsmouth-PO6 Southsea Southsea-PO5 Waterlooville Waterlooville-PO8 Chichester-PO19 Bishops-Waltham

The key areas where we control wasps in South West Hampshire are:

Fordingbridge Bournemouth Bournemouth-BH2 Bournemouth-BH3 Bournemouth-BH4 Bournemouth-BH5 Bournemouth-BH6 Bournemouth-BH7 Bournemouth-BH8 Bournemouth-BH9 Bournemouth-BH10 Bournemouth-BH11 Broadstone Christchurch Ferndown Verwood New-Milton Ringwood Brockenhurst Lyndhurst Lymington Southampton Southampton-SO15 Southampton-SO16 Southampton-SO17 Southampton-SO18 Southampton-SO19 Southampton-SO30 Southampton-SO31 Southampton-SO45 Totton

The key areas where we control wasps in Surrey, West Sussex are:

Bracknell Bracknell-RG12 Walton-On-Thames Woking Woking-GU22 Woking-GU23 Chobham Esher Leatherhead Leatherhead-KT23 Leatherhead-KT24 Guildford Guildford-GU2 Guildford-GU3 Guildford-GU4 Guildford-GU5 Horsham Horsham-RH13 Chertsey Addlestone West-Byfleet Weybridge Godalming Cranleigh Cobham Pulborough Billingshurst Betchworth Shepperton Dorking Dorking-RH5 Virginia-Water Windlesham Godalming-GU8 Ascot Staines

If you are unsure if we cover your area, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help.

September - October - November.

It is the time of year when newly hatched queen wasps are emerging or about to emerge from the nest.

Queen wasps appear slightly plumper than worker wasps.

Queen wasp hibernating

The last thing the nest does before it naturally dies off is to release new queens ready for the next season. Obviously, without these queens, the wasps would not be able to continue year after year.

Once these have left the nest, they never return to it and are no longer part of the nest.

If a nest treatment commences after these new queens have left, the insecticide will only kill the original workers still inhabiting the nest.

Freshly emerged queen wasps are now individual insects which are not linked to their birth nest and will not be killed by treating the nest from which they originated.

Typically, newly emerged queen wasps will leave the nest and find their way outside to mate with male wasps after which they find somewhere to hibernate. However, very often, many queens will walk away from the nest into the loft space or other cavities by mistake. Some of these may find their way inside the house.

As we move into the winter period, we advise customers that if wasps are not causing a direct problem, it is sometimes best to allow what remains of the colony to die off naturally.

Sweet feeding wasps

When queens start to emerge from the nest, the workers no longer have a food supply from the nest; this means they have to source food from elsewhere.

At this time of year, you may also see a large number of wasps feeding on bushes, trees (often on the ground below a tree) or other plants. This is NOT a nest, but wasps from several nests feeding on nectar-producing plants.

If you have wasps all over a particular tree (Willow, Lime trees or Ivy), you do not have a nest, in this case, nothing can be done.

More information on how wasps feed