Wasp nest treatment prices in Hampshire

We believe in being honest with our customers, charging a fair price for good job, so we try our best to keep our charges to a minimum.
In fact, we are one of the most competitive wasp control services in Hampshire, plus we try to deliver a "same day service".

We are happy to work evenings and weekends to fit in with the busy work life of our customers, however we generally do not work early mornings as wasps are not so active.

We do not charge VAT or try to talk you into having unnecessary surveys done for wasp nests and we do not charge an additional fee for climbing a ladder.

We STILL charge a flat fee of £40 to treat any wasp or hornet nest regardless of where it is located.
If you are unlucky enough to have a second nest on your property, we charge an additional £10 per nest if treated on the day of the original call out.

Please be sure you have identified the species before calling us. If you are unsure, please text us a clear photo and we will be happy to help identify. Or call us and we will talk it over with you.

Please do not call us out for bees, we do NOT treat any bee species.

Please be aware, if we are called out for bees there will be a call out fee.