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Carol asked:

I had a wasp nest in the wall void of my bedroom treated a week ago. Last night, I still heard some buzzing. I looked around the inside of the room and found nothing, so I figured it must be coming from the wall. From what I understand, the nest should have been dead after a few days. So, is it possible that a latecomer had just contacted the treatment one week later? Or is it some new pest that I should worry about?

This question was asked on 2017-09-20

Paul Sweet replied: Hi Carol, it is probably a wasp from another nest which has been raiding your dead nest out.
If there is no activity like before at the entrance then the nest is dead.
Hope this helps.

This reply was made on 2017-09-20

karen asked:

Will a treated nest begin to smell after a while due to the accumulation of dead wasps or larvae?

This question was asked on 2017-09-12

audrey asked:

I found wasps at the entrance of my storage unit at noon today and they were scary so I didn't get out of the car because they were behaving aggressively. I know they will die in winter but I need to get a box out of storage now. Is there a time of day they are more dormant less likely to notice me entering storage?

This question was asked on 2017-08-27

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We charge a flat fee of £40.00 to treat a Wasp or Hornet nest regardless of its location.
We have no hidden extra charges such as VAT or for unnecessary surveys.
Any secondary nests found on your property we charge an additional £10.00 per nest if treated on the day of the original call out.
All work is guaranteed.
Payment required on completion of work.
We work WEEKENDS too! So if you have found a nest whilst out in your garden and it is a Saturday or Sunday, don't worry, just give us a call and we will come straight out.

Please be sure you have identified the species before calling us. If you are unsure, please text us a clear photo and we will be happy to help identify. Or call us and we will talk it over with you.

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