Do wasps swarm?

No! Wasps do not swarm. If you have a swarm in your garden or on your roof (chimney) then this is a honey bee swarm. We only treat honey bees as a last resort but we can remove a swarm or colony and re-home them, however this does depend on the circumstances. If you have a honey bee swarm and you live in north Hampshire, please call Paul on (01264 720 408).

Why do I get a wasp nest every year?

If you are unlucky enough to have a wasp nest year after year it is not because you have been targeted for annoyance! It just means that your location is a good spot for wasps, your loft space is nice and dry and has good entrances for them. In general it is older houses that tend to get nests each year, this is because the roof spaces has more access points than a newer type roof.

What time of year do wasps build their nests?

Each year the queen wasps emerge from hibernation and start to build a new nest (they never re-use an old nest), this activity starts as soon as its warm enough, so will differ from year to year. But in general they start around the end of March. Once the first worker wasps have hatched, they take over nest building duties (allowing the queen to just lay eggs) and from then onwards the nest will continue to grow in size over the summer until late autumn when the nest produces new queens ready to mate and then hibernate ready to start the whole process over the following year. This is how the wasp reproduces.

Are wasp nests dangerous?

This depends on the individual nest, in particular the individual queen. It is the queen wasp that determines if the nest is aggressive or placid. You can never tell, so we always ere on the side of caution and make an educated guess that every nest is aggressive! The danger of wasps comes from the venom that they produce in their stings. Some people are allergic to this venom and if stung can go into Anaphylactic shock. If not treated, this can be life threatening. If someone is who is not normally allergic is stung enough times, this can bring on shock, but this would only be due to multiple stings under a sustained attack. Best advice, if your worried about being stung, stay away from wasp nests.

Do the local council provide wasp nest treatments?

Depending on where you live, most councils do provide treatments for wasp nests, however, it should be noted that most councils do not prioritise wasp nests and the waiting list can be up to 4 weeks long. Hampshire wasp control provide a same day wasp nest treatment and as a bonus we are cheaper than our local authorities.

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